What we Do

Live Trainings &
e-Learning Modules

Learning Management Systems

Case Consultation &
Technical Advisors

Equip your team with engaging live training sessions, delivered in-person or virtually, and boost their skills with custom-made e-learning modules. We can transform your existing content into interactive modules or create entirely new learning experiences that inspire and inform.

Unlock the full potential of your training programs with a tailor-made platform designed to fit your organization’s specific needs. Whether you need to host content, streamline employee onboarding, or track professional development, our team will build an LMS that works for you.

Find compassionate support and expert guidance as you navigate complex cases and discover innovative solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping you enhance your practice and achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients.

Our Core Values

At Social Strategies, we are committed to promoting dignity, respect, and meaningful connections within social service agencies and the communities they serve. We prioritize trauma-informed practices and reflective learning to empower individuals and organizations, fostering a culture of growth and positive transformation.

Who We Serve

Service Providers
& Agencies

We equip social service providers and agencies with the training, consultation, and technology resources needed to drive transformative change and create lasting impact in your communities. Let us show you how we can support your team and help your organization flourish.

& Government

We provide government, law enforcement, and philanthropic organizations with the tools and knowledge to drive lasting social change. Explore our solutions and discover how we can help your organization make a meaningful impact.

Business &
Trade Groups

We provide businesses and trade groups with customized training and educational resources to combat labor and sex trafficking, safeguarding your organization and employees. Learn how we can help you build a safer workplace.

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